King Saud - History of a Nation
King Saud - History of a Nation
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King Saud - History of a Nation


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  • Publisher: Dar Al-Manhal
  • Language: Arabic

    Al-Manhal magazine was 'The' reference for covering development in Saudi Arabia. And from the many volumes of 'Manhal' came this special edition copy called 'King Saud - history of a nation' as a tribute to record the huge role that King Saud bin Abdul Aziz (may rest his soul) played in economics, politics, society, healthcare, education and more.

    This issue contains a number of topics covering King Saud's biography, achievements, and royal decrees. Among them being the expansions of the two Holy Mosques, founding the educational renaissance in the Kingdom, and more.

    King Saud said: "We are pleased to hear Al-Manhal magazine reaches its twentieth year, and its readers everywhere have the message to contribute to the press in our country in teaching people and helping them in the fields of science, knowledge and literature.